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Please read the privacy policy before using this site.

This policy applies to and

Please look at the bottom of the page to determine the last time the Privacy Policy was modified. To view changes, please click the "View History" tab.

Information automatically gathered

As with all web servers, when you access this site, the following standard information is automatically stored by the server:

  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • The current date and time
  • The page requested
  • Your user agent ID (which tells the type of browser you are using)

These logs are occasionally deleted to create a `clean slate` when I debug my site, and sometimes to speed up backup operations, as I treat them as temporary.

Protection against unauthorized access

This server may contain one or more software applications designed to prevent unauthorized access to secure areas of the server. In this case, the logs generated by this security software will be e-mailed to a special mailbox on the server, and may be retained indefinitely and disclosed to the attacker's ISP as described under Use of Information.

  • Abuse logs will NOT be generated through normal, unauthenticated browsing of this website and only apply to private, administrative areas. For normal browsing, the rest of the Information Automatically Gathered section applies.


  • Certain areas of this website use "cookies" so that the software can track logins and session information. Other than for the purpose of validating logins, these cookies are not used to identify you.
  • You may disable cookies on your web browser if you wish; however you will be logged out of any area of the site using a login.
  • Embedded YouTube videos are set to use "Privacy-enhanced mode" and will not set cookies automatically on your system. YouTube however may set cookies as soon as you click to play those videos. For privacy information regarding YouTube, please see

Information you provide

You may provide information to this website in the following ways:

  • By creating or editing a page (including discussion pages)
  • By requesting a Wiki account or confirming account creation
  • If you add to a discussion page while not logged on, your IP address will be recorded.
  • If you request a Wiki account, you will need to provide a valid E-mail address.
  • Any user may create a Bugzilla account, which is separate from the MediaWiki system. An E-mail address is required to send the activation E-mail and is used as your username.
    • Please note that E-mail addresses are publicly displayed when entering bug reports, so consider getting a free `disposable` account for use on public services such as Bugzilla.
  • Any user may create an account on the AppDB system, which is also separate from the MediaWiki system.
    • E-mail addresses in the AppDB system are not publicly displayed, but registered users may be able to e-mail you through the site if you submit any content to the AppDB.
  • This website has a phpBB based forum, with separate registration. You may control the availability of your information to other useres via the User Control Panel link at the top left of the page.

Use of information

  • Server logs may be used for the purpose of diagnosing site problems.
  • All page edits are automatically made visible to the public.
  • Your username, or IP address if you are not logged on, will be visible to the public whenever an edit is made.
  • IP addresses or user names will act as your signature on any edits or discussions on this site, and will be used to help protect against abuse.
  • E-mail addresses will be used to send a validation link upon account registration. If an account is approved, it will be associated with your username for the life of your account.
  • The Bugzilla system will display your e-mail address along with any bug report you submit.
  • The forum will collect the IP address used to register for an account, as well as your E-mail address, which will be available to other registered members. This information is associated with your username for the life of the account.
  • Information submitted to this website will not be given to third parties, except in special circumstances:
    • If abuse of this site is detected, your information may be disclosed to your Internet provider's abuse contact.
    • In case of spam, your information (or the information provided by the spambot) may be reported to the provider's abuse contact as well as anti-spam services or trademark owners.
    • In extreme situations, such as criminal activity, information may be disclosed to the relevant authorities as the situation dictates.
    • Information may be disclosed in response to a valid legal order, warrant, or subpoena.
      • Information will NOT be disclosed if a legal order is from a foreign country, and such disclosure would violate human rights laws or be in violation of United States law. In this unlikely scenario (politics are not allowed on this website) I would seek assistance from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Protection of information

  • To protect sensitive information, certain areas of this website are protected with TLS and strong encryption. To ensure maximum security and proper functionality, please make sure your web browser is up to date, as this site supports TLS 1.2 with Perfect Forward Secrecy on supported browsers.
  • A web browser supporting at least TLS 1.0 and SHA-2 certificates is required to access most parts of this website.
  • To ensure maximum protection, the server may automatically translate http:// addresses to https:// addresses.
  • To ensure the security of the connection you can check that the certificate has been issued by Let's Encrypt Authority X3. Any CA other than Let's Encrypt means that your connection has more than likely been compromised, and you should run an anti-malware program, or if you are on a work or school network check with your network administrator.
    • For additional information on the protection of your privacy when connecting to this website please visit using a web browser that properly supports Extended Validation certificates (such as Chrome or Firefox) and ensure that "Gibson Research Corporation [US]" is displayed in the Address Bar. This will display the current fingerprint being used by so you can compare it with the fingerprint displayed in your web browser's certificate information.

External links

  • External links are provided for your convenience in certain areas of this site. Please note that they are subject to their own privacy practices, and you should review their privacy policies.

Removal of information

If you have been granted a user name and would like it removed, please leave a message under the discussion tab of this page, with the title USERNAME REMOVAL. You must be logged on to the username that you wish to have removed.

  • Your username will still be associated to any contributions you have made, but I will blank out all personal information from the database.
  • To remove a Bugzilla account, please send an e-mail to and I will remove the account from the Bugzilla system.
  • To remove a forum account, please send a Private Message to username William, and I will delete the username from the forums.