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All software on this page has been tested by myself and the links are known to be usable and free of malware. However, please be sure to scan all downloaded files with a reputable, up to date antivirus program before installing.

Web browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox - MPL/GPL/LGPL - Windows/Mac/Linux/Mobile - Open source browser with many available extensions. Safe from most malware attacks.
  • Google Chrome - BSD License (sourcecode) - Windows/Mac/Linux - Web browser by Google, based on Apple WebKit. Fast loading.
  • Opera - Freeware - Windows/Mac/Linux/Mobile - Fast web browser, also used on mobile devices and game systems such as the Nintendo DSi and Wii systems.
  • Internet Explorer - Freeware - Windows (only) - Even if you don't like it, it must be kept up-to-date because some programs use it to display HTML content.

Software development

Compilers and Libraries

  • GCC - GPLv3 - Most platforms - Optimizing compiler for C, C++, Objective-C, Ada, Java, and more. Linux distributions have versions available for targeting that distribution.
  • Visual Studio Express Editions - Freeware - Windows - Free versions of Microsoft's development tools. Has most of the features of the paid editions, but with various limitations. Free registration is required after 30 days of use. Visual C++ Express only supports 32-bit compilation out of the box.
  • Windows SDK - Freeware - Windows - The official toolchain, documentation, headers, and libraries for building Windows programs. Can be used with Visual C++ Express to enable support for building 64-bit programs.


  • gDEBugger - Freeware - Windows/Mac/Linux - Debug and profile OpenGL and OpenCL calls. Registration no longer required as of December 2012.
  • AMD gDEBugger - Freeware - Windows/Mac Enhanced version of gDEBugger with optional Visual Studio integration. Requires an AMD GPU for OpenCL kernel debugging.
  • glslDevil - Freeware - Windows/Linux - OpenGL debugger with similar capabilities to gDEBugger.